Aroma Lotus YogaJan Jeremias

Welcome to Aroma Lotus Yoga. A serene oasis where healing scents mingle with powerful form. A beautiful space artfully designed to uplift and delight. An inspired invitation to go deeper.

Jan Jeremias, a certified yoga teacher, reflexologist, clinical research scientist, and expert in the usage of essential oils is the visionary behind Aroma Lotus Yoga. Her background as a scientist and a driven problem solver has fueled her exploration into more holistic approaches.

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Reflexology is scientific energy work based on the principles that specific areas on the feet, hands, and ears correspond to each system of the body. Areas are worked by applying various techniques in acupressure and enhancing the body’s ability to maintain optimum circulation throughout the systems.

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Paws Path

Do dogs and cats benefit from their interaction and relationship with their pet parents and caretakers? Do our pets respond to our moods, emotions and stress? Can you tell how your animal is feeling? If they are sad, happy, excited, or bored? Would you like to help your new pet adapt to their new home? Would you like to help your pet transition? What if you could know your dog or cat better, if you could understand how your pet is feeling, if you could strengthen the bond you have with your four legged companion?

With my guidance, this is possible!

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essential oils

Essential Oils

Imagine walking through a rose garden, taking a hike in the woods, wandering in a lemon orchard.

What you are smelling is an essential oil. These oils give plants their characteristic aroma. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant and are obtained from the steam distillation of plant material.

Each essential oil contains specific benefits to which the emotions, body and mind respond. Essential oils help to improve mood, uplift the environment, purify the air and support the body. Pure essential oils are not greasy and are readily absorbed by the skin.

Essential oils are a wonderful tool to help keep you and your pet emotionally and physically healthy.

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What Clients Say

Yoga with Jan has been a real lifesaver for me.  Her vast knowledge, combined with her warmth and understanding keeps me coming back for more !!!

Elly W., New York

Jan’s yoga class is a perfect blend of being physically rejuvenating  as well as spiritually uplifting. Her gentle and caring touch and her various different techniques of stretch allow us to maximize our potential in a calm and serene setting.

Shaindy K., New York

Jan is an excellent instructor. She is professional, encouraging and supportive and, if you have any limitations, she will be aware of them and will modify the activity so you can receive the most benefit from it. I LOVE Jan’s yoga classes.

Doreen, New York